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To Buy or Sell Gold? That is the Question

As many of you have surely noticed, I don’t typically work with precious stones or metals in my jewelry...

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Chef Hat Accessories from ‘K, Turn Around’ Jewelry – ‘Cooking with Kimberly’ Line

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out one of my newest Cooking Show Videos, then you...

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Thoughtful Gifts Go a Long Way: Loving Messages

Well, if you weren’t already certain, being thoughtful goes a long way. For the vast majority of people, a...

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Looking for Diamond Watches?

Yes, “K, Turn Around” Jewelry is some Seriously Divalicious Fashion Jewelry, and I know you are all...

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Authentic RocaWear Heart Pendant Necklace

Authentic RocaWear Heart Pendant with matching Chain Necklace Gold Plated Very diva! Order RocaWear...

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“Diane Gilman DG2″ Keychain or Purse Charm

“Diane Gilman DG2″ Keychain or Purse Charm Gold tone metal encrusted with faux diamond gems to bling...

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Introducing “Turn it Around Again” Fashion Category

I would like to introduce the newest category on “K, Turn Around” Jewelry… …It’s the...

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“K, Turn Around” Jewelry & Fashion Intro by Founder & Canadian Designer, Kimberly Edwards

What’s the Story behind “K, Turn Around” Jewelry? Wondering what “K, Turn Around”...

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Subscribe to “K, Turn Around” Fashion TV on YouTube

That’s right… “K, Turn Around” Jewelry & Fashion is everywhere… Not only can you...

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$ Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview with Kimberly Edwards of “K, Turn Around” Jewelry @ 2012 Dea Swimwear Fashion Show in Toronto

If you didn’t already know, “K, Turn Around” Jewelry by Kimberly Edwards is the official jewelry...

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$ From Home

Want to Hold a Jewelry Party in Niagara or Toronto?

Do you love “K, Turn Around” Jewelry? Do you want to make money from home? Do you like having your...

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“Red Saturnus” Hoop Earrings

2.9″ diameter silver tone metal hoop earrings with red accent and black stripes around outside...

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“Plush White Leopard” Dangle Earrings

5.25″ long earrings with plush 2.25″ diameter white snow leopard print stuffed pieces on 3.0″...

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“Rose Corsage” Rings

1.5″ diameter paper rose, waterproof rings in 2 colors: red or yellow Silver tone metal adjustable ring A...

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“Magic Potion” Necklace

22.0″ long silver tone small/medium link chain with 1.5″ silver tone circular ring holding 3 glass...

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“Royal Cameo” Choker Necklace

Pink and creme colored braided decorated fabric choker with lobster clasp and gold chain closure. Crystal jewels...

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‘K, Turn Around’ Jewelry Brings You Belly Chains

We are excited to present to you a whole line of belly chains exclusively designed and hand-made by Kimberly...

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“Summer Diva” Hand-Beaded Hoop Earrings – 2.25 Inch

2.25″ diameter circular hoop earrings hand-beaded in a wide variety of colors Silver tone hook earrings for...

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