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Introducing “Turn it Around Again” Fashion Category

Check out the newest category "Turn It Around Again" Fashion for lightly used fashion clothing & accessories, or that are brand new with tags on still. Enjoy unbeatable prices.

* Note: These pieces are not "K, Turn Around" Jewelry or Fashion's own brand or label.

Product Information

I would like to introduce the newest category on “K, Turn Around” Jewelry…

…It’s the “Turn it Around Again” Fashion Category.

This category will specialize in Clothing & Fashion Accessories that are being “Turned Around Again”, as they are lightly used, or not used at all still with tags on them. Many pieces were used for 1 photo shoot or runway walk.

In no way are these clothing & accessory designs my own label or brand, they are simply being resold used or new with tags.

For that reason, all of the pieces will be kept in this category or subcategories made to organize the parent category of “Turn it Around Again” Fashion so that the pieces are easy to navigate through when searching.

Keep your eyes open, as there will be more pieces being added very soon in this category.

I do hope you enjoy this category with great prices for the fashion clothing & accessories you are looking for!

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