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“K, Turn Around” Jewelry & Fashion Intro by Founder & Canadian Designer, Kimberly Edwards

Find out the Story behind "K, Turn Around" Jewelry by reading below...

Product Information

What’s the Story behind “K, Turn Around” Jewelry?

  • Wondering what “K, Turn Around” Jewelry & Fashion is all About?
  • Who the heck is Kimberly Edwards?
  • What kind of jewelry & fashion pieces does “K, Turn Around” Jewelry create?
  • What does “K, Turn Around” Jewelry even mean?
  • Why did it get started in the first place?

Well, those are just a few of the questions that are answered by Kimberly Edwards in this video below, as well as on the About Me page on the site.

Be sure to also check out the “Living Pink” for Breast Cancer jewelry line, as well as the “Red is for Rhabdomyosarcoma” Movement jewelry line from “K, Turn Around” Jewelry by Kimberly Edwards.

So, now you know how the “K, Turn Around” Jewelry line was created, and why it’s so divalicious.

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